Take Your Time

by Letters Home

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To Friends 02:22
Your positivity means so much to me, I hate to see you down. But I don't have the words to take away the hurt when you need them. Silence consumes all attempts at reason while eyes shift wide... When the conversation turns to something important, I can't find the words to say that things will get better. Silence consumes all attempts at reason while eyes shift wide... But your eyes hope to find some consolation. Well you know I hope in some other's eyes, that someday you'll see the sunrise again. Yeah, someday you'll see the sunrise again in someone else's eyes.
Degrees 03:27
The day breaks, the morning ends, and I am stuck in my bedroom again. Thinking the same thoughts, singing the same songs I did five years ago. The air is thick with sunlight reflecting off every surface around me, raising the numbers and breaking the breeze again. Chords cry out for meaning, and this heat's enough for anyone to take anything and make it beautiful. I tried. I'm sorry, but I tried.
Dialogue 03:54
"Sometimes you can be difficult to deal with," I tell myself, so someone will. "But circumstances lead me to certain stances, and from you." I know you're wrong, and you know that I'm not well. I lie awake because you lie when you're awake. And I'm trying not to break down, but it's all that I'm thinking about. "You know this is true, you know it's not you."
Rest Assured 02:21
I'm ok. I'm alright. Nothing's wrong. Everything will work out. Repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Broken Radio 06:38
It's a long drive for a breakdown, but we just keep moving with the static in our speakers and the stasis in our speech. And the constant reminders of what we know: a home for transients and names on bar stools. Every stop brings a new day, a new way to say that the weight of the world won't weigh us down. The sound of the radio hearkens back to silence, yeah the broken radio, oh. And the sound of the radio mirrors our expressions, yeah the broken radio, oh. Sitting still in motion, hoping these dotted lines, when connected, form a way from here. It's a long drive for a breakdown, but we just keep moving.


David Settle - guitar/vocals
Josh Mikel - drums
Scott Carr - bass/backup vocals

Recorded and mixed (and deleted once) by David Settle
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering


released November 5, 2012


all rights reserved



Letters Home Tallahassee, Florida

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